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Since its foundation, Novandis has provided its clients with private security solutions and facilities management outsourcing, for staff who perform support roles at the client’s premises.

Novandis is regarded as a leader in the field, with recognised acclaim in the provision of facilities management services to its clients, including security, surveillance, protection, access control, and concierge, information and reception services. Novandis operates in the Community of Valencia and the region of Murcia.

Novandis Seguridad is a private security firm registered under number 4046 on the Spanish Ministry of the Interior National Private Security Register. It is authorised to provide surveillance and protection services for public and private goods, establishments, sites and events, as well as for the people at these locations, pursuant to the Private Security Law 5/2014, of 4 April.

Also, having Novandis as your facilities management supplier will bring you economic-operative added value, as it represents a saving on fixed staffing costs that become variable according to collective or seasonal needs. Ultimately, Novandis takes a weight off your shoulders.

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