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According to Law 5/2014, 4th April




Novandis Seguridad, in accordance with Law 5/2014 of 4 April, provides surveillance and property protection services for public and private goods, establishments, locations and events, as well as for the people at these locations.

Novandis Seguridad provides its clients with armed or unarmed security guards, all of whom are properly licenced with professional identification cards issued by the Ministry of the Interior. The private security guards can perform a variety of functions at the client’s facilities. These roles include:



a) Provide surveillance and protection services for private and public goods, establishments, places and events, as well as for the people at these locations, carrying out the checks, searches and preventive actions necessary to fulfil this mission.

b) Perform identity checks, carry out full searches of personal possessions, packages, merchandise or vehicles, on entry to or inside the properties or buildings where they provide the service. They do not have the power at any time to retain personal documentation, but may prevent access to said properties or buildings. The refusal to show identification or to allow personal objects, packages, merchandise or a vehicle to be searched is sufficient to prevent individuals from entering the property or to order that they leave the premises or the property subject to protection immediately.

c) Prevent the commission of criminal acts or administrative offences relating to the object subject to protection, performing the necessary checks to avoid them entirely or to prevent their perpetration, by opposing them and intervening if present during the commission of some type of offence, or if for humanitarian or emergency reasons their help is required.

d) In relation to the object subject to protection, detain and deliver the criminals and their tools, effects and the evidence of the crimes to the competent law enforcement body immediately, as well as reporting those who commit administrative offences. Security guards have no right to interrogate anyone detained for an alleged crime. They may however obtain the personal details of said individuals to communicate this to the authorities. This is not considered interrogation.



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