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Shopping centres and retail

Shopping centres and retail

Surveillance | Support services


Shopping centres and food and textile distribution centres are public places which thousands of people travel to daily to make purchases of all kinds. They are common spaces that require surveillance and protection, as well as facilities management services to offer the customer the added value of having an exquisite shopping experience.

For this reason, at Novandis we differentiate between the following factors:

  • Protection of People and Property:

  • We make the customer feel protected against any possible eventuality such as mugging or theft. Our main aim is to use deterrence to avoid this from happening in the first place.  Also, we combine the latest technology in GPS geolocation and tracking systems, with an operational surveillance structure, which allows us to guarantee maximum quality and efficiency of service that improves intervention response time, particularly important in sensitive situations such as returning lost children to their parents.


  • Customer Experience:

  • We offer facilities management services including: Customer service points and parking support that are specially designed to increase the visitor’s average stay and as a consequence increase the average spend by each customer.


Ultimately, we offer you protection and serve as a deterrent from internal and external theft.